The internet just can’t handle Mehwish Hayat as Gangster Guriya!


Team Baaji was clearly saving the best for the last! After a ton of teasing and anticipation, the much awaited song Gangster Guriya featuring the sizzling Mehwish Hayat was released yesterday.

Composed by Taha Malik and sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, the 1 minute 52 second long video has gathered a lot of attention all over social media. The video gathered over 100k views within a few hours of the release and around 5.7k dislikes…


Majority of the people are hating on Mehwish Hayat and the song:


Many bought in Hamza Ali Abbasi who recently spoke out against item numbers in Lollywood movies:

Some even pointed out how Mehwish was against objectification of women but is now okay with being objectified:


Some were even quick to point out how Mehwish Hayat has copied Katrina Kaif, from her hairstyle to the wardrobe to the choreography:




Many kept on taunting her for Tamgha-e-Imtiaz that she received earlier this year:



And while others wanted to call a fire brigade, some wanted to call PEMRA!


Someone even went as far to call her China ki Priyanka!


A lot of them resorted to the classic name calling and slut shaming:


Some thought the only saving grace was Sunidhi’s voice:


People were even mad at choosing Sunidhi to sing the song:


Many found it cringey:


One of them even dedicated his time analyzing the twerking:


And while the hate comments and trolling continued, there were genuine supporters as well:

Some pointed out how we are living in a hypocrite society:

Many pointed out how this is her profession:

Double standards were pointed out:

Many pointed out how these item numbers exist because the audience wants them:

A few people claim to have noticed signs of illuminati in the video, WHAAAAT?

What do you think about Gangster Guriya? Let us know in the comments below!

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