Mehwish Hayat called out an airline for kicking off Muslim passengers

Mehwish Hayat recently took to Twitter to respond to the Daily Mail’s piece about how Delta Air Lines is being fined $50,000 for ordering three Muslim passengers off planes, even after the airline’s own security officials cleared them to travel.

Undoubtedly, this comes across as an instance of Islamophobia, though Delta denied that it discriminated against the passengers, However, according to a consent order released on Friday by the U.S. Transportation Department, Delta agreed that it could have handled the situations differently,

People took to Twitter to call out this discriminatory act.

Eventually, Mehwish Hayat also responded to this, stating that she was glad that the airline was fined.

“A nice slap on the wrists,” Mehwish Hayat penned in her tweet for Delta Air Lines. “I am glad that the US authorities have fined the airline. It is a sad state of affairs that has [brought] us to this. Perceptions have to change and people have to be more tolerant of one another irrespective of background, religion or appearance.”

As the news piece got more attention, people chimed in with support, agreeing with Mehwish’s stance.

It’s unfortunate that we hear about Islamophobia quite frequently, but it’s great that our celebrities speak up about it. Here’s hoping we keep speaking up, even when it’s the harder choice to make.

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