Twitter schooled a man for calling Asad Siddiqui Run-Mureed


I mean, we all can agree that the internet is a crazy place to be! And amidst this craziness, one guy posted an old photo of Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui where Asad is applying henna on Zara’s hands and captioned it ‘kesy kesy ran mureed hain dunia mei,’ because hey, judging people is that easy in a desi society:

The tweet has now been deleted but we have the screenshot!


As the tweet caught attention, tons of people came forward and schooled him how calling someone a ran-mureed was absolutely wrong and unacceptable and the things people said were SAVAGE!


Ooooof, the burnnnnn!




Sad but true!




Even we’ve been wondering the same!


Absolutely, nothing wrong in showing affection towards your spouse


Bhai, bhai, bhai, bhai!








Sahi baat hai:


Oh, he is still being schooled about it!


People even quoted examples from our Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life:


We stan all the men schooling him!




People were asking legit questions, trying to find the connection:


Yeh cheeeez!




Pyar karo toh ran-mureed, na karo toh zaalim!


Batao bhaee!




What still bothers us is that the society has been nourished a certain way where if someone shows even the least bit of affection to their wife they’re labelled as ran-mureeds. Which is why so many men keep their wives deprived of their affection even in this day and age. But what makes us glad at the same time is that people are more than willing to show affection and love to their wives and are also schooling the ones who think of these gestures as ran-mureedi.

And if you still think if showing simple gestures of love make you a ran-mureed then we feel bad for your wife already!

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