Sonu Nigam calls the ban on Pakistani artists ‘wrongly-guided patriotism’

No matter how sensitive the situation may be, he never shies away from sharing a piece of his mind and often receives a lot of backlash too for doing so. In a recent interview when questioned about the ban on Pakistani artists working in India after the Pulwama attacks, he said, “If Pakistani artists were to be banned, then why were they invited to work? We call them ourselves and then leave them on their own.”

He further added, “I think the responsibility of restricting cultural exchanges with Pakistan is our responsibility of the industry. By banning artists, the issue between the two countries cannot be resolved.” He questioned the people if they thought that banning artists had made the country safer, and added that “we childishly keep changing our decisions, meanwhile Pakistan doesn’t resort to such tactics.” He also called this outburst against Pakistani artists as ‘wrongly-guided patriotism.’

In response to the upcoming elections he urged people to not vote on the grounds of caste and religion but on the performance of the politicians. He said, “Why don’t we vote on the basis of the politicians’ performance? We should talk about bringing harmony in the country, instead of drawing lines on the basis of caste, creed and religion. We need to condemn our mentality to divide the communities and make them fight against each other.”

You can watch a little bit of the interview here:

Well, I guess you can say better sense IS actually prevailing!

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