People are replying Yasra Rizvi with their shayiri and it’s hilarious!


Yasra Rizvi was recently under fire for her comments on the Aurat March, but controversy isn’t new for Yasra. From her marriage to her poetry, Yasra’s had quite the share. Only recently she posted a picture of her with a shair but the internet wasn’t impressed. Which is why they decided they’d embrace their inner poet and started the trend #TweetLikeYasra and honestly, the replies are hilarious!


This is what started the trend,



And very soon, there was a mini Mushayira party on Twitter in the replies:

A little anday wala burger may have been involved  in the replies


Kahani her biwi ki


Yeh larki geography mei teiz lagti hai



Hahaha, this!


Sub gham ek taraf, aur kunwaaray honay ka gham ek taraf


Baba Sehgal joined in too, silently though


Refreshing the Ains and Gains of Urdu



How we feel about this? Sorry we’re not supposed to tell you this!


Bohat dhoor ki sochi hui hai inhon ne




Been there…


Yeh toh serious hi ho gayeen, #SayNoToGhamHour


Yar, laddu ka mazaak nahi




Baat toh sach hai, magar baat hai ruswayi ki


Tum hi ho mehboob mere, main kyun na tumhain pyar keroon?




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