Sindh Assembly Proposes Bill To Fine Parents For Delaying Their Children’s Wedding & Netizens Are Divided!

According to reports, a draft of the the Sindh Compulsory Marriage Act demanding parents to be fined if they delay marrying off their children over the age of 18 has been presented.

And even though the bill hasn’t been approved yet, it’s already being met with a ton of criticism, here’s what people have to say!

Shots were fired:

People were calling it an attention seeking tactic:

People were appalled at the country’s priorities:

People shared how there were more pressing issues that needed attention:

People were sure that the bill won’t be passed:

People were livid!

People were sharing the parents’ reactions:

People were in disbelief!

Sadly, yes!

You tell us!


Han yar!

People had questions:


Joke’s on them!

People just didn’t get the gist of it!

What are your thoughts on the bill proposed? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Like seriously..?? Is this allowable in law really..?? Not so even not at all.. Ap ny bt he krni hai marriage k khilaaf tw child marriages ko rokain force marriage ko rokain child labor rape ko rokain. Apni auladon ki tarbiyat krain unhain kisi ko hurt krny sy rokain even tough un ki tarbiyat krna tw jannay esy he koi 18 ka howa nhi or bina janay pehchany bandh do kisi ki b zindagi ko kisi k b sth sorry to say yeh assembly hain sindhiyoon k culture nhi jahan ap jo dil main aya krain gy. Itni he haq k liye awaaz uthani hai na tw force marriages pr uthayen jis ki wajah sy na jany kitni he zindagiyaan tabah huin hain apni jaan sy hath doh bethin hain. Kitno ny khudkhushi ka rasta apnaya agr yahan agr ap ko apna islam nazar nhi arha tw sorry to say ap tw apna khud k mafaad k liye islam ko istemal krna chor dain. Bakish dain. Bari meharbani ho ge ap ki…

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