PSL5 begins tomorrow and people just can’t keep calm!

With less than one day left for PSL to begin, cricket is in the air! From people rooting for their favourite teams to killer banter to the beauty of the stadium, people just can’t keep calm!


We’re making history!


Woohoo, this country and it’s passion for cricket remains unmatched!




Danny Morrison was excited to see the entire series being held in Pakistan:


Darren Sammy toh jaan hai PSL ki:


People were loving the stadium:


Our very favourite girls!


Appreciation was pouring in from all across the globe:


Spider cams were introduced:


Hoping the prediction comes true!


People were excited:


Can’t wait to see the final outcome:


Hum bhi hain!


A majestic moment to witness!


Details of the winning amount were shared:


Yar 😂




Now that’s some confidence!


There were analysis and favourites already:


You go, Wahab!


People were sharing pictures of their favourite teams practicing:


Rehearsals in full swing:


Many were in disbelief at how good the stadium looked:


Hahaha, the banter is already on!


Memes were already flowing in:


Hum #TayyarHain!


This man always wins our hearts!


Boys are in their best form:


All about the great commentary panel!




People were welcoming their favourite players to the country:


Some had their own reasons for watching the matches:



What team are you supporting? Let us know in the comments below!

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