People are sharing the lies they were told as kids and they’re hilarious!

Back in the day our parents would literally make us believe almost anything, from a tree growing in your stomach to keeping your eid money safe! Today the netizens are sharing the lies they believed as kids and we can relate to each and every tweet!

Hahaha, who remembers doing this?

Exactly why we have trust issues today:

The biggest lie of them all:

Okay our parents weren’t that specific about the time frame:

10 minutes turn into one hour:

The betrayal:

Ways our parents find to make us eat our vegetables:

Omg, we’ve heard that we too many times:

Why dad?

We’ve heard this one:

Here’s to all the overseas Pakistanis:

Well, my siblings grew fine:


‘If you eat spinach you’ll have biceps like Popeye the sailor man:’


Okay, must be a terrifying session:

Our desi mums:

You were adopted:

We’ve all been there:


Oh man 💔

Funny how my mom just said the same to me yesterday and I’m 26!

Aagay aagay dekho hota hai kya:




Also, don’t forget the diluted cold drinks:


Okay, we didn’t see that coming 😂

Been there, done that!


The tooth fairy will come:

Yar, chai ka mazak nai:



I mean, I still fold the corner 🙊

What lies have you been told as kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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