What Makes Eid So Special? The Internet Has Spoken!

There’s always that one thing that completes your Eid and makes it so much more memorable, be it always running late to the Masjid or struggling to put a naara in your shalwar, the internet has tons to share!

Jo baat hai:

All desi families every year!

And then deciding how they’ll wake up in time next year 😂


It just hits different:

Oooof, and us on the verge of answering them back 😡

Yeh toh her saal ki kahani hai:

Bus 5 minute:

Makes us so mad!

Always having the times of our lives at the grand daawat!


10/10 can relate!

The struggle is real folks, but don’t worry, you ain’t hugging nobody this year!

But guess who’ll be looking snatched? Us!


I swear!

Is bar toh milni bhi nai hai:

Everyyyy time!

Bruh, elite!

Can relate!

It’s not that simple, dad:

And us liking them all!

We all have one 🙄

Well obviously the one who woke up first:

On the bright side, you can try a few styles to shop for next time:

But you fasted the whole month to learn discipline…


What makes Eid special for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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