Tiktok Gets Banned In Pakistan & People Are Divided!

Tiktok has been facing quite the backlash in Pakistan for indecent content, and PTA has finally taken notice of all the complaints and banned the video-sharing app.

According to PTA, they gave the developers a considerable amount of time to filter the immoral content, when it failed to comply, PTA banned the app altogether. And people have a lot to say!


Iqrar-ul-Hassan shared how banning was not a solution:


Many were calling it a bad decision:


People were calling it regressive degeneration:


People were sharing how they knew people who were solely earning via Tiktok:


Worth a try?


People were fearing that banning Tiktok was just the beginning:


Many found that this was the country denying rights to it’s citizens:


People weren’t amused:


People were calling it a violation of their freedom of expression:


People found the ban to be unfair:


People were thanking their favourite tiktokers:


People were feeling sad for Jannat Mirza who recently became the first Tiktoker in the country to cross 10M followers:

People were waiting for twitter to be banned next:


People had questions:


Kis kis ko ban karogay?




Please 🥺


Shots were fired:


And while many people were saddened by the decision, others were lauding PTA:


People were thankful for the ban:


Memers and Youtubers were celebrating:

People across the border could relate:

People had ample of memes:


People were calling it the biggest news of the day:


What are your thoughts on the ban? Let us know in the comments below!

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