Khadijah Shah Slams People For Spreading Fake News, Comes At Everyone With Solid Facts & The Truth!

Designer Khadijah Shah, the creative genius behind Elan and Zaha has been under fire after a video from one of her workers surfaced the internet where he was accusing her of torturing him. The video was being circulated on all social media platforms with the hashtags #BoycottKhadijahShah and #ArrestKhadijahShah:


Taking to Instagram, Khadijah Shah, shared what had really happened. To start things off, she shared a screenshot of the Whatsapp message that had been circulating along with the video to fill everyone in on the background and called it ‘fake news:’

She then went on to reveal how the man in the video was responsible for stealing 7000 pieces from their latest lawn collection:

She then shared how the missing inventory came into her knowledge after the brand received numerous complaints from customers about missing pieces from their orders:

She then continued to say how making the video and releasing it on social media was the man’s way of blackmailing the brand into letting him go:

She then went on to express how disgusted she was to see people spreading inaccurate facts about her:

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