DNUTN Comes To A Fitting End & People Are Loving It!

Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi took us on a journey, a journey that showed us the gruesome realities of life that hundreds and thousands of girls and women face in the country. From child marriages to human trafficking, child abuse to abusive parents to the loug kya kaheinge mentality.

The drama finally came to an end, and dare we call it, the need of the hour considering the recent femicide happening all over the country. The drama ended on a rather hopeful yet bittersweet note, not everyone is as resilient and lucky as Sumbul, not everyone has a Jamshed and Zulfi to save them and that doesn’t mean that we should give up. Just like the drama itself, its ending was very close to real life, telling us how happily-ever-afters are a lie, life has its ups and its downs, some days you laugh, some days you cry and we simply loved it!

Here’s what the netizens think!


People were lauding Jamshed and Zulfi for trying to convince Naseem Zehra’s father:

Each one of them a master of their craft!

Same 😭

The tales of their bravery and resilience will forever live in our hearts:

Our heart breaks for women who have to see monsters like him every day:

I think Sawera got her closure in the second last episode:


So simple and yet so deep:

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