Yumna Zaidi Tops The Twitter Trends For Her Groundbreaking Performance in DNUTN!

‘Dil na umeed toh nahi, nakaam hi toh hai,’ but Yumna Zaidi as Allah-Rakhi was anything but nakaam. The actress has been a top trend on twitter ever since the last episode of DNUTN aired and even throughout the course of its run-time, fans were blown away with her stellar performance ranging between Sumbul and Allah-Rakhi.

Insert screenshot


Giving us a performance as iconic as Rakhi, fans have nothing but love and appreciation for Yumna Zaidi who moved them to tears!


People were calling her a fighter in true sense and we agree!


The walk, the ending prose, Jimmy, Rakhi, everything was spot on!


Jo baat hai!


Fans were just so proud of her!


Rarely can people perform 2 roles so skillfully in one drama:


Fans couldn’t stop lauding her:


Love was pouring in from Kashmir as well!


Same 😭




Yeh cheez!




Couldn’t agree more!


People were lauding her for choosing the roles that she does:




Ours too!


Needless to say, fans will miss the resilient AllahRakhi. And while DNUTN may have ended, we just cant wait to see Yumna Zaidi weave her magic in Parizaad!

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