Nation Outraged After More Details Of Noor’s Gruesome Murder Were Revealed By Zahir Jaffer

The nation has been in great shock after Noor Mukaddam was found beheaded at Zahir Jaffar’s house. Zahir Jaffer, after being under physical remand finally confessed to brutally murdering Noor.

Zahir, in his confession also shared the grotesque details of how Noor was dragged on the street outside his residence and onlookers chose to do nothing. Zahir’s friends were also aware of the situation and we’re outside his residence but none of them bothered calling the police.

It was also revealed that when Noor went missing, her friends came to Zahir’s house but weren’t let in by the guards, Zahir, from the terrace, lied to them that he didn’t know anything about Noor. Noor at one point, jumped off of the terrace to save her life but the guards did not help her escape, they eventually forced her back into the house. It was also revealed by Zahir that he assaulted Noor for 3 hours before killing her. Like we said, the more details we find out, the more traumatizing it gets.

The data in his mobile phone has also been recovered and has videos of him torturing multiple women including Noor.

And Pakistanis want nothing but an example to be made out of Zahir and his enablers. They are also demanding that Therapy Works also be held accountable for hiring an unlicensed therapist like him. Ever since the murder, netizens have been taking it to social media and protesting on the streets to hang the culprit.

Everyone involved should be held accountable!


They are equally responsible!





This needs to change today, now, right this second!


We can not even imagine the pain and the fear:

We should have one.


What do you think should be the punishment for Zahir Jaffar? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Straight death sentence without any delay and giving him a chance to get away cz of the loopholes!!!
    But ofcourse he will also GET AWAY WITH IT!

  2. Well he should bw tortured till his last breath. Slow and painful death should be given to him. Or should be given solitary confinement for life.

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