#DekhoCher: Cher Meets PM Imran Khan & The Internet Is Busy Guessing What They Might Have Talked About!

Cher and her efforts to rescue Kaavan are commendable, the elephant is all set to be relocated from Islamabad’s dilapidated zoo to a Cambodian sanctuary.

Cher met prime minister Imran Khan to thank him for making Kaavan’s move possible:

And people can’t stop guessing what the conversation most have been like by finishing his sentences:

And the replies are hilarious!

Baat toh sach hai!

The iconic ‘ghabrana nai hai’ made it to the replies:

Many thought he might have shared his dreams:

When PM IK meets SRK:

Some shared how their might have been more than one advice:


Some thought he might have reflected on the political matters:


Some thought he might have shared the impossibilities of building SKMH:

Yar 😂

So much wisdom for Cher:



Many thought he might have reflected on the maeeshat:

Yeh cheez!

Sakht PM:

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