Sharing All Your Problems With Your Parents: The Netizens Spill It All!


No matter how different our relationship with our parents is, we can’t deny the fact that they love us the most, even if they don’t say it all that often.

And today netizens are answering a very important question, that is, if they share all their problems with their parents:

And we have all sorts of people in the replies!

Haha, yeh sub tumhare mobile is qusoor hai!

Wait, you guys DON’T share your problems?


Haha, we can relate!

It’s amazing how mums just know something’s wrong:

Yeh bhi theek hai:

Haha, come on!


Lmao, 10/10 can relate!


There was the ‘sometimes’ gang:

Some only shared the extreme ones:

Many weren’t too keen on sharing their problems:

Do you guys share your problems with your problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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