Legendary Singer Cher Lauds Pakistan On Freeing Kaavan & Pakistanis Just Can’t Handle It!

American singer Cher took to Twitter to thank the Pakistani government for releasing the elephant Kaavan after 36 years and other animals in the premises of Islamabad Zoo, a cause that Cher has actively been struggling for.

In a series of excited tweets, Cher shared the news with the world:

And while everyone was celebrating Kaavan’s freedom, 70% of the Pakistanis were clueless and added a twist of their own, and its nothing but hilarious!


A hundred percent!

Uh oh 🤭

People were quoting her tweet with the best Pakistani things:

If khushfehmi was a tweet:

Heh, no offense but, it’s true 🤷‍♀️

At least someone’s addressing it!

Cher se hi seekhlo kuch pakis kehne waalon:

People were proud:

Maybe look at the map carefully?

Haha, that’s Asian twitter for you:

Oh bhaiiii 🙄

Some had clearly been living under a rock, na Cher ka pata, na Kaavan ka:

Some thought she had been hacked:

What do you think about Pakistanis adding their own little twist to Cher’s tweets? Let us know in the comments below!

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