People are all praises for PM Imran Khan as he represents Pakistan in Davos

Prime Minister Imran Khan was at the World Economic Summit 2020 in Davos, and a bunch of things transpired while he was there. He addressed the issues Pakistan was facing, including those along the border, and talked about arriving at some form of resolution, for his end goal for the country is that it becomes a welfare state.

PM Imran Khan also met with tech giants, inviting them to invest in the Pakistani youth that is budding with brilliance.

As a result of all that went down, people took to social media to express their sentiments regarding our Prime Minister representing the country at this global summit.

People believed that the sincerity he showed highlights that Pakistan can prosper under his leadership.

People praised him for being a “real leader” and “an exceptional human being”

Some even called him a winner.

Essentially, people couldn’t stop gushing over their Prime Minister.

Clearly, PM Imran Khan won hearts back home, as well as in Davos.

Were you following his journey to Davos? Any key factors that you took away from his speeches? Let us know in the comments.

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