Jazz TV spoofs Abhinandan in World Cup ad and the Internet is having a field day


Every four years we wait for the wittiest World Cup ads by India and Pakistan as they’re always fun to watch! However, this year, both the countries have aired ads which have gathered mixed reactions from the internet!


Like every other year, Star Sports India came out with their version of ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad


And as a comeback, Jazz TV Pakistan came out with an ad featuring an Abhinandan look-alike



As soon as both the ads were aired, they garnered massive feedback from the audience. People on both sides of the borders found the ads to be triggering, some got triggered while some enjoyed it all in good humour! The netizens took it to Twitter to express how they felt:


Some thought that violence should be kept out of games!


Every action does have a reaction:


Even Sania Malik couldn’t help but notice the cringe-worthy ads:


Some felt guilty:


This tweet, get it engraved please!


Some blamed it on the TRPs


Some Indians took full responsibility of the reaction their ad collected, fair enough!


People were upset because bringing in a soldier hurt the sentiments of many:


Many think that this to and fro needs to stop!


Hate mongering is never cool, NEVER!


Many called it irresponsible advertising:


People were mad that Abhinandan was being used as a mere prop:


There were some sensible people whi reminded people that Jazz TV was a private company and it was wrong to blame the entire country for the ad:


Kuch toh aisay hain jinki pata hi nai tha about Jazz TV, WAH!


Some didn’t seem to get offended and enjoyed it:


Some wanted the Indians to just chill a little:


A lot of people are comparing this incident to the Balidan insignia on Dhoni’s glove and are demanding ICC to look into it:


A lot of people have taken the classic Indian route of giving 1 star rating to the Jazz TV app:


Honestly, we can’t decide either!


Let us know what you think of the ads in the comments below!

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