Tiktok Influencers Face Huge Backlash For Creating Insensitive Content To Raise COVID-19 Awareness!


In an attempt to educate the masses on Corona and the recommended SOPs, Punjab government strategised for an initiative where they planned to use TikTokers for creating general awareness. The decision was met with some criticism initially but a lot of people agreed on how big the reach was in Pakistan and how the strategy might as well pay off!


However, as the videos started rolling out, people found most of them to be in bad taste:


@aalleeyGhabrana nai ha 😂 @nabeelkhokhar66 @sharjeel_awish01 @umereee @ch.zulqarnain25 ##crew07 ##ufbfam ##abworld♬ original sound – brownboy9080


People took to Twitter to share how they felt:


People who were initially supporting the decision were disappointed too!


Some were angry that the information being provided wasn’t even accurate:


Many found the message to be straight up flawed:


People were also furious at how none of them were following the SOPs themselves:


People were throwing shade at the Punjab government:


Honi bhi chahiye!


People were impressed with how ✌detailed✌ the video was:




People were not amused:


Some had lost hope!




People had a lot to say:


Needless to say, people are furious at the distasteful content that these tik tok stars are churning out in the name of awareness. And while most of the videos are pretty bad, here’s the kind of content they’ll brighten up your day!


What do you think about the awareness videos these Tik Tok stars are making? Let us know in the comments below!


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