Punjab Police’s Video On Fighting Corona Wins Hearts!

It’s commendable how the police force is playing a pivotal role in controlling the spread of corona. Putting themselves at risk, they’re doing everything they can to make sure people are following the given SOPs.

And to have people see that, Punjab Police made a special video on them kicking corona’s ass, metaphorically and literally:

And their video has the internet adoring them!

People were living for the creativity:


Us too, you go girl!


Some had other ideas:

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do 🤭

People were feeling for the police and risks they put themselves through to help us:

Even Shaniera turned out to be a fan!



Some found it endearing:

They’re never coming slow!


Heh, Punjab Police!

People were loving it!

It is what it is:

They’re in a league of their own:

And while many found it endearing, others had a hard time looking at it:

Some were way too picky:

Some found opportunities for Punjab Police:

Some were just not having it:

What do you think about this little video? Let us know in the comments below!

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