Shalima Mania: Emraan Rajput’s BCW Showcase Breaks the Internet

Emraan Rajput unveiled the monumental Shalima 2024 in an epoch-making showcase at HUM Bridal Couture Week. Boasting thirty-one resplendent pieces from his festive collection, Shalima 2024, the designer carved his name into history as the pioneering menswear visionary to present a collection of unparalleled grandeur.

This awe-inspiring collection features a diverse array of sherwanis and suits seamlessly bridging the gap between Eastern and Western styles.

Drawing inspiration from his Rajput heritage, the Eastern range radiates the opulence and vibrancy of the Mughal era. Each painstakingly crafted piece showcases intricate handwork in cora, dupka, nakshmi, maroori, and stones, accentuated by bejeweled accessories and turbans. The rich color palette, adorned with gold and copper, imparts a regal touch to the entire collection.

Shalima’s Western pieces emanate an air of pomp and refinement, characterized by a dark color palette of black and navy blue. Emraan Rajput’s distinctive statement-making style is palpable in every piece, embellished with crystals, cora, maroori, dupka, and nakshmi.

Emraan Rajput’s stature as a tastemaker gleams, fueled by his discerning eye for detail and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of menswear style. With each passing year, the brand sparkles with escalating sophistication.

In a resounding tribute, Emraan Rajput dedicated his show to the indomitable people of Palestine, casting a spotlight on the ongoing devastations in the region. Ahsan Khan commanded the runway, wielding a “Peace for Palestine” placard, earning accolades for his steadfast support for peace in Gaza and staunch opposition to genocide.

The show’s crescendo, featuring all models adorned in kefiayh while Anna Damme Faliatini played and Amna Ilyas led them, shattered the internet.

Shalima 2024 pledges 30% of all proceeds to bolster the people of Gaza, embodying a powerful commitment to humanitarian causes.

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