Some COVID-19 Recovered People Are Selling Their Plasma & The Internet Is Debating!

As Corona keeps spreading across the country, people have been finding themselves desperate for blood plasma of the recovered patients.

While some are donating it for free, others are asking for a hefty amount per bottle. And the internet is debating if it’s justified or not:

Some thought there was nothing wrong with it:

Many were of the opinion that we shouldn’t judge them:

People were comparing it to others selling kidneys and other organs:

Some agreed that it was inhumane but not wrong:

People wanted others to step into their shoes and think:

Some were of the opinion that it’s justified:

Some found it disgusting:

Some argued that a donation should not be seen as a source of income:

Some figured it was the death of humanity in Pakistan:

Some thought they were adding to others’ miseries:

Some weren’t surprised:

Many found it unfair to judge them:

Some were furious at the comparison with organ selling:

Some said people weren’t to blame:

Some found it sick!

Some couldn’t understand how people can be so cruel:

For some it wasn’t justified at all:

Some were worried:


What do you think about people selling their plasma? Let us know in the comments below!

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