Queen Elizabeth’s Punjabi voice over on #Megxit breaks the Internet

Ever since the whole Megxit situation escalated, the desis have been keeping up with every little move of the Royal Family. And someone on the internet, dubbed a press release of Queen Elizabeth in Punjabi which shows how much of a desi saas she is:

And the video has been breaking the internet after it went viral across all social media platforms, even LinkedIn! And people are living for it:

Some deemed it as the best video of the decade:

We knew it all along:

Many could relate:

No one!

Lol, she had us from the starting till the very end!

People just couldn’t stop sharing it:

“Humain toh pehle din se pata tha:”


People were loving every bit of it:

People were quoting their favourite phrases from the video:

Someone even added subtitles to the video, very desi subtitles!

Legend has it that the video has helped many get over Khalil ur Rehman’s latest interview:

Jo baat hai:

It’s been everywhere, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Whatsapp:

Talent toh bohat hai:

What do you mean ‘was’? She is a desi mom!

The Punjabi dialect does make it ten times funnier:

Some thought this was the perfect script for TV:

Punjabi twitter for the win!

It mirrored the desi society that we live in:

And while many loved it, some didn’t even find a pinch of humour in the video:

There were some who found it cringe-worthy:

What do you think about the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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