As Chinese Street Fashion Videos Go Viral, Pakistani Men Share Why They Can’t Dress Up The Same Way!

If you’re from Pakistan, you know street fashion is an almost alien concept.

Inspired by the viral Chinese street fashion videos that feature men and women looking fly, this guy wants to know if Pakistanis can ever get to that level:

And men did not hold back, they said it all!

Lmao 😂

Many blamed it on the double standards that the society has set:


Many had the weather to blame!

The truth has been spoken!

And their comments!



Kuch toh loug kaheinge:

People came up with brutal facts!

Can’t argue with that:

Boy makes a valid point though:


Safety comes first!


Us too, ma’am!

Baat toh sach hai:

People were smitten away!

What do you think about the reasons people gave? Let us know in the comments below!

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