Exam Cancellation Protest Gets Out Of Control & People Are Livid!

With Board exams being just around the corner, students have been trending the hashtag #CancelBoardExams and holding protests nationwide in an attempt to get their demands met.

But seeing that their protests were bearing no fruit, one of the protests turned violent as students were recorded breaking everything in sight, including a civilian’s car who had nothing to do with students, exams or the protest.

And people are absolutely livid!

People wanted their matric certificates to be cancelled:

People were adamant that these students be arrested:

People were sharing first-hand experience of the protest:


People were scared:

People threw shade at them:

People shared how the country will never progress if it has students like them:

People were absolutely livid!

People were sharing how this generation is so spoilful:

Jo baat hai!

People were hoping the exams take place:

People were disappointed:

People were sharing how they needed to learn humanity first:


People were calling them ‘parhay likhay jaahil’:

People were questioning their upbringing:

People were just so done with them:

What do you think about the way the students reacted at the protest? Let us know in the comments below!

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