This Insta Page Is All About Pakistani Pop Culture and It’s the Best Thing Ever!

For anyone who was born before the digital age in Pakistan, nostalgia plays an important role in remembering the golden times of the country. It was the time when there were rarely any television channels, the most fun you could have had would be on the streets, and your walkmans and tape cassettes were your ultimate saviours!

Now, remembering all of that in a unique way, Islamabad-based illustrator Digink has created a kaleidoscopic view of Pakistani pop culture, which for anyone who even has an ounce of love for the country, will go crazy for!

So, what do we just adore about this graphic designer’s work? Find out here…

The Love For Pakistani Legends

Pakistan has its fair share of iconic legends who have changed the face of Pakistani culture around the world, and Digink has quite aptly paid homage to them by creating a brilliant way to praise them through painting them in royal robes! We just can’t get over it!

The Understanding For Desi Things

How many times have you wanted to say Dafa Hoja! to someone but had to control it up? Well, Digink wants you to say that with style and we think they get us more than anyone else right now! Plus, not just that, they get how pakoras and chai satiate the desi stomach and haye, we wish others got it too!

The Need To Give Us A Renewed History Lesson

Forget what you studied in your history classes! The Mughals might have been a mighty force, but what if they were imagined as pieces of pop culture today? They’d probably look like this and would definitely be immersed in the socio-cultural fabric! Fancy a dhoka? So does your fav Mughal royalty!

The Unique Approach to Current Affairs

We love ourselves a page that understands the daily happenings in Pakistan and chooses to express their opinions about it in their own unique way! From the dreaded Dulhan course to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s ‘platonic’ shaadi, Digink has something to say about it all!

The Obsession With Brands!

We love our brands, but we love making fun of them even more and for that, we thank the lord that Digink exists! From Zara to Coke, everything can be turned upside down and made into a desi meme and just how hilarious is that right?!

The Love For Lollywood, Bollywood and Everything Films!

By now everyone knows we’re obsessed with film and entertainment and Digink seems to know it more than anyone! Their work, which is all about mixing old-school Bollywood and Lollywood posters, ads and cutouts with pop culture today is literal gold! They really do have the Midas touch!

Check out the page here and tell us what you think!

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