People think Khaas is hinting Fakhir’s death, and no one’s ready for it!

The drama Khaas is just about to end, but the writers just aren’t done playing with our feelings yet 😭

The fans were extremely happy to see Saba and Fakhir get their much needed happy ending, but the last two episodes have been hinting a big twist in the plot which is Fakhir talking about death every now and then, last night’s episode explicitly showed Faakhir’s dream where he met an accident, all hinting to the fact that he might actually die. And its not just us who think it might happen but fans all over the internet are kinda heart broken about it too:

We hope so too!


We do too 😭


All these episodes only to see Saba getting back with Ammar? No thank you!

Need. More. Fakhirs.

Humari hi nazar na lag jaye Fakhir ko:

She’s got a point:

I think we all will need a proper explanation:

Even Haroon Shahid, our very own Fakhir, learnt about the internet’s predictions:


Some fans were a little too invested:

Hahaha, kuch toh garbar hai:

Mat karo yeh zulm hum pe:

And while many were sure about Faakhir dying, there were some who were hopeful:

Ap ke moo mei ghee shakkar:

Okay, wow!

And as we wait for yet another episode of Khaas with our fingers crossed, seeing Fakhir die will be absolutely heart breaking.

What do you think about how Khaas is going to end? Let us know in the comments below!

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