There’s a ‘Dulhan Course’ being offered and people are offended!


In an already male-dominant society, the last thing we need is more patriarchy. A pamphlet of an alleged ‘Dulhan Course’ has gone viral which promises to prepare girls for a successful wedded life. The course happens to feature basic life skills that all adults should know.

As the poster went viral, people had a lot to say on Facebook and Twitter:


Some suggested that another course be introduced for male chauvinists:


People had different ideas of what should be offered under the dulhan course:


Many wanted a saas course to be introduced:


Umm, I guess for being the free mehndi wali after shadi for in-laws:


Some thought the course was discriminatory against men:


Some shared from their personal experience how all these skills cannot guarantee a successful marriage:


Many thought the course was inspired by Mrs. Khan:


Many thought a similar course should be made available for men:


Some were angry:


Some wanted to know how the trainer was doing:


Some wanted a course on being loyal:


And while many spoke against it, a ton of people supported the idea:


There were people who thought a psychological course would have been much better:


Some thought it would help women earn:


Some thought the course should be taught to both men and women under a different name:


A lot of people loved the idea:


What do you think about such courses being offered? Let us know in the comments below!

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