Mansha Pasha lashes out at people over comparing Pakistani actresses to Kate Middleton

The royal couple has been on a visit to Pakistan, Kate has been winning hearts all over the internet with her graceful style!


And the internet has been busy bashing the local celebrities for their choice of clothes:


From males to females, everyone thought they were relevant enough to bash other celebrities. And having had enough of the comparisons, Mansha Pasha decided to give everyone a piece of her mind:


But people were still policing her:


Some thought relying on intense glamour wasn’t working:


Some resorted to body shaming, because hey, that’s our birth right:


Saaray Islam ki zimedaari actresses ki hai sirf:


Some thought it’s the actresses should only promote their culture:


But was aptly replied by Mansha:


And while many were busy bashing her, there were a few who agreed:


Many agreed how the comparison was pointless:



Mansha further elaborated her point:


And some still failed to understand the point she was trying to make:




Many thought she was turning a blind eye to the reality:


Some agreed how everyone has the right to dress as they wished:


Spot on!


Some were upset how such trivial issues were disturbing the masses rather than the real issues:


Some were fuming!


Us when we read the replies:


Many thought stripping down for the main problem:


But Mansha had a point:


Some thought they had it all figured out:


But Mansha made sure she made herself clear:


Some took it the wrong way:


But stood corrected by Mansha:


But not many could grasp the point. What do you think about people comparing local celebrities to the royals on tour? Is the bashing justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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