Pakistanis Share Their Favourite Words From Urdu & It’s Making People Fall In Love With The Language All Over Again!


In a world where Urdu has lost its essence and importance in day to day conversations, netizens are sharing their favourite words from the beautiful language:

And the replies have us falling in love with the language all over again!


This list is everything!

Something about raabta is just so beautiful:

Junoon and junooni have to be our personal faves!

It’s just beyond us!



We love it!

Meri jaan >>> all other words for bae:

There’s just something very special when it comes to the word inquilaab:

Lehaaz ❤

We kinda agree!

We all do!

The word carries such a powerful aura to it:

Khwab is just so romantic!

Love it!

Ngl, feel hi alag hai is word ka:

Kaamil and aqeedat 😍

What we love, and also what we need!

Oh yes!

Khudi 👌

Haha, kartoot is lit!

Awara hoon? 👀

Do you mean aansu, indirectly?

Ah, the word we’ve mistaken for kutta bacha in school:

*opens lughat*

Hahaha, jo baat hai!

Some found it hard to continue the list without food:

What’s your favourite Urdu word? Let us know in the comments below!

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