Teasers For #Dunk Are Out & They Are Intense!


People have been really excited to see Bilal Abbas Khan and Sana Javed coming together for #Dunk along with Nauman Aijaz, and ARY just dropped the very first teasers of the drama:

And the teaser is really intense, people have been loving the teaser and the hashtag Dunk has been trending all over social media!

People were calling it a blockbuster already:

People had lots of questions from the teaser:

People were lauding Badar Mahmood

People had really high hopes from Bilal Abbas Khan:

Oof, it gave us goosebumps!

Jo baat hai!

Many people found the storyline releatable:

People were all for the plot:

People knew the drama was going to be hit:

People were also loving Yasra Rizvi in the teaser:

People were living for the pairing:

People were getting vibes similar to Cheekh from the drama:

Even Fahad Mustafa seemed excited!

Fingers crossed:

Are you excited for Dunk? Let us know in the comments below!

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