Is ARY Ramadan Transmission Empowering the Next Generation of Stars

The Holy month of Ramadan brings with it immense blessings, spiritual growth, sweet aromas of delicacies and most importantly – Ramadan transmissions which entertains and united families from Iftar to Suhoor. The recent discussion on ARY’s participation of children in Ramadan gaming shows has sparked a debate regarding its significance and impact after popular child vlogger from Gilgit, ‘M. Shiraz’ became a part of Waseem Badami’s Ramadan transmission.

While some may question the rationale behind involving young children in such programs, it’s essential to recognize the valuable opportunities these platforms offer to young talents in the country which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.


Empowering Young Minds

In countries like the U.S., young children are already harnessing the potential of platforms like YouTube to generate income. Some of the highest income generating YouTube channels are owned by children hailing from U.S. However, in many other regions, including ours, such platforms are not be as readily accessible. This is due to the lack of resources such as lack of internet and basic know-how of such revenue generating avenues. ARY has very brilliantly recognized this gap and taken proactive steps to provide a platform for young geniuses to showcase their skills and talents to the world.

For instance, consider the remarkable journey of Ahmed, who initially appeared on TV during the Nida Yasir show after his videos went viral on Tiktok. The phrase, ‘Peechay toh Dekho’ has become his catchphrase and the boy’s appearance on shows such as ARY’s Ramadan transmission was able to change the course of Ahmed and his family’s life.  Despite his initial speech hesitations, Ahmed has now transformed into a confident young entrepreneur, thanks to the financial and educational support provided by the channel not just for him but his family too.


Balancing Commitments and Well-Being

People often question how the spotlight changes the lives of the young contestants in a negative way such as robbing them off their ‘innocence’. However, it’s important to highlight that these children typically dedicate less than an hour each day to the shows, thus minimizing any disruptions to their daily routines or studies. Additionally, every effort is made to ensure their comfort and well-being as they are gradually introduced to the media world with their families consent on each step. Additionally the notion that these kids are present at all times in the Ramazan transmission is completely false as has been clarified by multiple sources that they are only on air for a couple of hours at max in the evening and are not present at sehri times.

Parents play a crucial role in this journey, offering their full consent and often accompanying their children on set. ARY ensures that families are provided with suitable and healthy accommodations, ensuring the welfare of both the children and their families.


Waseem Badami and Fahad Mustafa’s Influence on Young Talent in the Entertainment Industry

The presence of children on ARY’s Ramadan shows signifies the dawn of a new era in entertainment. Much like the young stars of bygone eras who left an indelible mark on the industry, these budding talents stand poised to surpass their peers. Under the compassionate guidance of the ARY team, spearheaded by influential figures like Waseem Badami, Fahad Mustafa and Iqrar ul Hassan, children are nurtured with the utmost care, treated as cherished members of the ARY family.

In a recent transmission, Badami spoke about Shiraz becoming a part of his Ramadan transmission, he mentioned how important these children are to him as he treats them like his own.

“ I have promised Shiraz’ parents that I will treat him like my own kids, I will keep an eye on him the way I keep an eye on my own son, these kids are our family members. I am a father too and I believe in Karma as well. I know that it is a big responsibility and the institution ( ARY Digital) itself is very strict in this regard. The institution has already issued a warning to the parents about their studies, the institution has already warned parents that the studies of these kids will not and should not be harmed in this case.”

Popular actor and Jeeto Pakistan host, Fahad Mustafa is often provides a platform to budding stars such as Ahmed and his younger brother. The young stars have gained immense popularity after appearing on Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan game-show.

Through a merit-based platform, ARY is not only shaping the trajectory of entertainment but also empowering a fresh new wave of upcoming stars. This collaborative effort encourages children to explore their potential and at the same time pursue their aspirations and become stars through proper guidance and unwavering support every step of the way.


What are your thoughts on Gilgiti tiktoker Shiraz joining ARY’s Ramadan transmission? Let us know in the comments below.



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