Diva Spotlight: 5 Reasons To Watch Out For Eshal Fayyaz!

There have been many actors and actresses who have debuted in the last five years, but only a select few have been able to make their mark in the industry! One such actress is also Eshal Fayyaz, who came to the scene with a bang and much to prove!

However, while she may have not gotten the much-expected success from her debut film that we all were rooting for, she has gone on to shine bright by showcasing her talent in dramas, upcoming films, and even in fashion!

That’s why, we at Diva have this tantalising lass in our spotlight! What are the reasons that make her special?

We explore…

Because She Rocked Her Debut Film

Although the film wasn’t exactly the success we all expected, Kaaf Kangna was able to carve a niche for Eshal Fayyaz. Not only did she shine bright next to established stars like Sami Khan and Ayesha Omar, but she also was able to hold her own in the film. In many ways, it proved that Eshal is here to stay!


Because She Has Shined Bright In Dramas

Eshal is an established name in the drama industry, and in the past few years, she has been critically-acclaimed for giving her fans shows like Paimanay, Hatheli and Tabeer, which both went on to become much-appreciated dramas of their time. Eshal is known to bring in a strong emotional appeal in her shows and that has worked quite nicely for her.


Because She Has Proven Her Versatility

Any actor worth their salt will always prove their versatility through a kaleidoscope of emotions and range, and Eshal has proven that time and again. Give her a serious bit to perform or something that goes deep into an emotional journey, and see this actress shine. Plus, if that’s not enough, rumours are rife that the actress is going to appear on the silver screen not once but twice again! There’s  a Farooq Mengal directorial in the making, along with a directorial by veteran Sangeeta starring Aijaz Aslam and Noman Ijaz!


Because She Serves Looks For Days

A complete package in every way, Eshal doesn’t shy away from utilising her beauty in the myriad of fashion editorials she does along with being in the entertainment industry! She knows she’s gorgeous and that’s what we love about this confident actress par excellence.


Because She Has Won Fashion Hearts Too

To conquer the fashion industry is one of the hardest things you could do, and Eshal has come quite close to becoming a loved name in that industry too! Be it her fashion shoots with Khawar Riaz or her versatility in being able to fit any ensemble and rock it, she’s totally someone the fashion world is adoring as well!



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