No Ban On YouTube & TikTok, PUBG To Be Back Soon & Pakistanis Are Breathing A Sigh Of Relief!

Over the last few days Pakistanis have been really upset over the ban on PUBG, and the news of expected bans on YouTube and Tiktok.

But things took a turn for good today and Pakistanis have been assured that no such ban is expected, and PUBG too will soon be back:

And people are ecstatic!

People were happy at sanity, finally, prevailing:

We’re keeping our fingers crossed:

Many shared how in this day and age, a ban like this sounds absurd:

Some believed that offices should hire tech-familiar people:

Some shared how there shouldn’t have been a ban in the first place:

People were happy!


Haha, a lot of dads are not going to be happy:

Some still believe that Tiktok should be banned:

Some had given up altogether:

Are you excited for the ban to be lifted? Let us know in the comments below!

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