TikTok Gets Banned & People Can’t Stop Making Memes On Jannat Mirza & Her 10M Followers!

Jannat Mirza became the first Pakistani Tiktoker to hit 10 million followers on the app itself. But even before she could celebrate her 10 million followers, PTA decided to ban the app over indecent content.

And the memers on twitter are having a field day!

Oh man, the heart break!

Looks like PTA was waiting for this day:

Yar 😂

Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai!

People were feeling sad for her:


The iconic ‘ek dum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye’ meme made an appearance:

People were celebrating:

Inhein pata hi nai~



Haha, this phrase will forever be our favourite!


Aisay kaisay?

People were waiting for a conference:

Memers also put up a reaction to their memes:

Their day was made:


And while memers were busy making memes, Jannat was enjoying making Tiktok videos in Japan and also recommended that people use a VPN when surfing Tiktok:

What do you think about the ban? Let us know in the comments below!

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