PTA Bans PUBG In Pakistan & The Memes Are Breaking The Internet!

Gamers all over the country were taken by surprise as PTA decided to ban the popular multiplayer online battle game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for being ‘addictive’ and detrimental to players’ health.

The news had PUBG gamers upset and they’re now doing what they do best: coping up with hilarious memes that define their misery!

Bohat afsos hua:

Sub amayein sukoon mei hain!

Haha, COD for the win!

Kuch ka gham bohat bara tha:

Some were happy with the ban:

Ab COD bhi ban kerwadoh tum loug 🙄

Hahaha, so damn apt!

Yar 😂

Yaad toh ati hogi~

Itna life kharab ho gaya, itna life kharab ho gaya!

Socho socho!

Some however felt there were many other things that should be catered to before banning harmless games:

What do you think about the ban on PUBG? Let us know in the comments below!

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