Iman Aly just took a Blurfie and she wants you all to take one too!

Iman Aly

You may have heard of a selfie and even a groupfie, but believe us, a Blurfie is all you need to care about — or at least that’s what Pakistani actress Iman Aly wants you to know!

A Blurfie, which the Bol actress took to Instagram to reveal, is about embracing Multiple Sclerosis, which Iman has been facing for several years and thus wants to raise awareness about on MS Day

“Maybe some of you know already that I am living with Multiple Sclerosis. It is a part of my life now and my lifestyle has completely changed,” Iman wrote. “My speech, movements, everything is impacted. But I am fighting on, like all the other patients who are living with this disease. MS affects the nerves in the brain, and the most common symptom is blurred vision. When there is a relapse, the blurred vision is also accompanied by dizziness. So in honor of World MS Day, 30th May – I am uploading a #Blurfie and urge you all to show support. Change your profile pictures to a Blurfie.”

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Many celebs have since then posted their version of the Blurfie!

Twins Aiman and Minal posted their Blurfies supporting the cause.

So did actress Azekah Daniel.

Taking note, fans have also started participating in the movement!

The intrigue has won over everyone, it seems.

Now we hope more fans and celebs alike take Iman’s challenge and do this for a great cause!

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