Malala triggers 1.4 billion people with just one sentence!


Malala Yousufzai was seen supporting Pakistan at the opening ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in London.

Sharing her thoughts over Pakistan maintaining seventh place with 38 points during the ODI games, Malala trolled the Indian team saying that in comparison, they scored the last position with only 19 points. “Pakistan, we were okay, not too bad, came number 7 but India came last!” she said.

She further added that she hopes that the game unites people and is played in the right spirit, but it was too late!

The Pakistanis were all for it!

In fact, they were loving it!

Some even offered a bit of Burnol to, you know, soothe the burn

For some, she made their day!

Finally, someone sane!


True that, it wasn’t that deep y’all!

Couldn’t agree more!

And again, people these days can be triggered by almost anything!

Exactly, repeat after me: it’s just a game!


Although the comment was meant to be taken on a lighter note, not everyone took it in the right spirit, with some people on Twitter calling it a display of hate towards India.

Some said the fame had gotten to her head

Some were confused as to why she was invited

Well, I kinda agree here


Some added in a pinch of humour

Some called her a typical Pakistani for sharing such thoughts


But some of them had killer comebacks, for real!

Some called it an obsession

People were so furious that they started swearing, tsk tsk!

Some had their ‘theories!’

What do you think about Malala’s statement in the opening ceremony? Are people taking it out of context and over-reacting or are people too sensitive to take a joke? Let us know in the comments below!

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