Hania Amir calls out Yasir Hussain on his insensitive comment and we’re here for it


In your daily dose of celebrity screw ups, Yasir Hussain is back, mocking a woman’s physical appearance after successfully making fun of transgenders and child abuse on previous occasions.

Photo by Jaffer Hasan


Only recently Hania Amir opened up about her insecurities and struggles with acne, giving the audience a strong message to not let something like acne define them or put them down. And while people were coming to Hania sharing their own struggles, a fan asked Yasir Hussain on Instagram about what he thinks of Hania Amir to which Yasir replied ‘danedaar,’ because its just that easy to mock someone on their insecurities!


But Hania Amir did not let it go, she came back at Yasir Hussain like the witty queen she is and oooof, that burn!


To which Yasir replied that he joked around because they were FRIENDS apparently.


And then Hania Amir shared how insensitive Yasir’s comment was, she said, ‘its high time people realize it is not okay to make jokes out of other people’s insecurities. It’s disgusting and not funny at all.’ She then concluded her story saying, ‘its disrespect. Not funny. Degrading is not funny. I’m not laughing. Nobody is.’


This insta tiff quickly picked up when fans started tweeting on the insensitive comment made by Yasir Hussain and then not even owning up to it. Yasir Hussain has been trending on Twitter sine then and people are really upset:


People have been demanding an actual apology, like you know, owning up to his mistake rather than justifying it.


Agreed, that line is really thin




Basically, people were mad!


Some even mentioned Ahmed Ali Butt amidst the drama


Some even bought in James Charles (an international YouTuber) saying that Yasir Hussain should be cancelled too!


Sure, acne can be a joke for Yasir Hussain but not for people who are depressed by it. Pointing someone’s insecurity and then referring to it as a joke is ridiculous. The thing is if you have the audacity to call out someone on their insecurities, then be ready to face the consequences as well. He could have said a hundred other things but nah, let’s point out someone on their physical appearance because I’m just so entitled!


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