Game of Thrones finally came to an end and people are having a melt down!

After 8 years of having the most solid fan base, Game of Thrones finally came to an end and was the most watched episode HBO has ever recorded. With a whopping number of 19.3M live views, the show set new records for HBO.

With that being said, the fans had all kinds of reactions to the season finale. Some got emotional, some were mad at the rushed ending, some had theories of their own and some were really disappointed with the way the series came to an end. The hashtag #GameOfThronesFinale started trending even before the episode was aired and is still remains one of the top twitter trends today, and fans had a lot to say!

One of the users dedicated an entire thread to ‘pointless’ events that took place during the 8 seasons

Some were actually emotional…

And while some were complaining, others found the ending to be perfect:

And again, people loved the ending:

Some turned it into a life lesson for all of us and ermmm, we kinda agree…

Some commented on the long way our favourite characters had come and we can’t stop laughing!

Some were glad it was over:

Some put their disappointments aside and shared how the show had a really special place in their heart:

Some tried being subtle about the way they felt about the ending:

I mean, she has a point…

Some fixed the ending and to be very honest we’re living for it!

People were so mad that no one noticed how the wrong spelling of Game of Thrones was trending all this time…

Well, he makes a valid point!

Yo, same!!!

Some actually drew an accurate representation of all the seasons:

Some thought the ending was almost the exact same as that of Lord of the Rings and even we’re shook!

This user however, won the internet for us 😂

And some really came up with a solid solution on who should have won the throne and we’re mad the writers didn’t consider this idea:

Some knew Drogon had bigger plans…

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