Danish Taimoor faces backlash for fat-shaming a contestant on his game show


Danish Taimoor who has been hosting a game show on BOL TV called Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga has upset a lot of people after he blatantly fat-shamed one of the show attendees who was contesting in a round of musical chairs on his show as seen in the video below.


Throughout the game Danish Taimoor did not miss on a single opportunity to call her aunty, moti aunty and caution others about her weight… The channel even uploaded the video to twitter with the caption saying ‘Aunty ne haraya bachon ko,’ I mean its 2019 and people like Danish Taimoor still think shaming someone for their looks is funny *SMH*


The girl kept on insisting that she’s not an aunty and even offered to show her NIC for him to stop calling her aunty. With every passing round, his taunts only increased and she was the sole target of shaming throughout the segment.


People were furious over Danish Taimoor targeting her and expressed their disappointment via various social media platforms:


Another user posted the whole story of what went down during the show:


People even took to Instagram to share how disgusted they were



Fans bombarded him with comments under his photo, most of which have now been deleted:


An even more stupid segment takes place in Fahad Mustafa’s show where he calls women and weighs them on camera, subtly fat-shaming them too as he’s at it.


The issue was first raised in a closed group called Xera Curvy and Co that promotes body positivity and is constantly trying to lift other women who face all sorts of body shaming at the hands of the society. Just because someone is on the heavier side, it does not give you the right to publically humiliate them or belittle them. BODY SHAMING IS NEVER OKAY! When will our celebrities actually learn some manners?

  1. I think its not a big issue, he was just copying other game show hosts such as Fahad Mustafa and trying to be funny. Yes it was very inappropriate when he repeated it several times and yes he should apologize publicly. But bashing him is not right! Ghaltiyan sab krty hain and his purpose wasn’t to hurt her feelings, it was just to add humor. But he wasn’t realizing what he was saying, just going with the flow.

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