Fans Are Moved By Farhad’s Heartbreak In Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3

Between Mahi’s baat pakki and Farhad’s heart break, fans are left feeling all sorts of ways and especially after Farhad gets shot.

The episode reaching 9.8M views in less than 24 hours, KAM3 has been winning the internet as it becomes one of the top trends on twitter. And here’s everything that the netizens have to say:

Fans were glad that Mahi has now realised her mistake:

People were living for Farhad and Dilawar’s friendship:

People just couldn’t get over Feroze:

Jo baat hai!

No one could have done it better than Feroze:


People noticed every little detail, even the remote 😂

It does!

Protect our Farhad!

People were rooting for Farhad!

Humara Feedi hai hi aisa:

Bruh, we were weeping!

Haha, such a cutie!

People were desperately waiting for the next episode:


Deeper than you think!

Yar 😂


There’s only one king, and it’s Feroze!

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