Cruising Towards Innovation: SAZGAR and GWM Introduce the Jolion HEV

Since 2022, SAZGAR Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) in collaboration with Great Wall Motor (GWM) have been introducing world class and stellar vehicles like the mega-successful H6 HEV, H6, and Jolion. Get ready, because they’ve just unveiled Jolion HEV – their latest locally assembled vehicle. The launch of the Jolion HEV means that SAZGAR is the sole automaker in the entire industry, to have not one but two locally assembled hybrid vehicles under its range.

The Jolion HEV is packed with impressive features. With its 1.5L DHT transmission, the Jolion HEV combines 190HP and 375Nm of Torque. But hold on because it’s not just about raw muscle; this car is packed with futuristic tech as well! From Level 2 autonomous driving to adaptive cruise control, along with ventilated seats and an immersive dashboard display, this model offers an unparalleled driving experience with an abundance of innovative features.

The best part? You can get yours for just PKR 9,295,000/-! With a booking amount of PKR 1,800,000/-, the current delivery time stated by the company is 2 to 3 months.

And there’s more! SAZGAR has become a pioneer in the NEV (new energy vehicles) segment, signified further with the introduction of the GWM Ora 03, a stylish fully electric hatchback, and the GWM Tank 500, a robust 7-seater hybrid SUV. Both vehicles for now are CBU unites. SAZGAR’s locally manufactured EV rickshaws complete an already impressive roster, giving them a clear edge among other players in the market. These EV rickshaws are being exported to markets like Japan and Africa.

Now, let’s shift gears and delve into the grand unveiling of the Jolion HEV at the official launch event. It was a night to remember as everyone associated with SAZGAR, GWM representatives, dealership owners and officers attended the unforgettable event. With captivating speeches, the highly anticipated and exhilarating reveal, and an awards ceremony honoring the dedicated individuals behind the scenes, it was a celebration of SAZGAR’s exceptional employees!

Check out the event highlights video below, and let us know what you think!

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