Jawad Ahmed & Rohail Hayat Are Having A Tiff On Twitter & Netizens Are Rooting For Jawad Ahmed!

In a rather surprising turn of events Jawad Ahmed and Rohail Hayat have gotten into a Twitter tiff over PM Imran Khan’s comment on modest dressing:


In a thread that Rohail created to defend Imran Khan’s comments,  Rohail claims that being a father he would give the same advice to his kids, but Jawad Ahmed came at him asking him to stop defending rape:


Replying to Jawad Ahmed, Rohail said that there needs to be a balance:


To which Jawad Ahmed replied that everyone creates their own balance:


Rohail then went on to ask if there’s a way of knowing that we’re balanced:


And Jawad Ahmed had yet another reply for him:


Rohail then went on to ask how he was wasting time indulging in the conversation:


Jawad then went on to tell him that he was a political person and wanted to change the country by giving them the clarity of thought:


Jawad Ahmed also wanted PM Imran Khan to answer his question:


And while Rohail claimed to answer his question:


Jawad Ahmed found his answer to be lame and reminded him not to justify rape:


The exchange between the two has the netizens screaming as they’re rooting for Jawad Ahmed:


People were thanking him for using his platform to raise awareness:


There were new fans that he’d gathered:


Jo baat hai!


His comeback inspired many!


People were using his own lyrics to express their love for him:


Here he is!




People were also sharing real-life experiences to support Jawad Ahmed and his stance:


And while the majority was celebrating the singer, others weren’t exactly on the same page as him:


People were calling him names:


What do you think about Jawad Ahmed’s savage replies to Rohail Hayat? Let us know in the comments below!

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