Diva Jukebox: Top 10 Pakistani Songs From the 90s That We Still Aren’t Over!

It’s Wayback Wednesday time, and that means the blast from the past is all that we’re thinking about today! Remember the time when your Walkmans had tape cassettes of the latest Shehzad Roy and Abrar ul Haq songs on repeat? We do!

It was the 90s and Pakistan was brimming with fresh musical talent that gave us numerous hits every week! Be it pop or rock, we were doing it all and doing it so good and couldn’t have had it any other way!

So, to commemorate the golden age of pop and rock music in the country, Diva looks at ten songs that made the 90s the decade of great music in Pakistan!

Babia – Sajjad Ali

A pop favourite we still remember the lyrics to, Sajjad Ali really became a fan-fav after this!

Dupatta – Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani dominated the 90s with her voice and Dupatta was one of the biggest hits she did!

Sar Kiye – Strings 

Strings were and are a staple in every Pakistani’s playlist, and Sar Kiye is a major reason for that.

Bo Kata – Fariha Pervez

Basant classic, Bo Kata is definitely a sleeper hit everyone loves to this date!

Mera Pyar – Aamir Zaki

A romantic ballad that made waves in the 90s and still is a favourite for many, Mera Pyar will forever be etched in our hearts.

Billo De Ghar – Abrar Ul Haq

90s pop could never have been what it was if it wasn’t for Abrar Ul Haq’s cheeky song like Billo De Ghar, which blew open the scene!

Aitebar – Vital Signs

When Vital Signs sang, it meant the whole world for those who loved Pakistani music in the 90s, and Aitebar still remains one of the best examples from this exemplary band!

Purani Jeans – Ali Haider

A song that made everyone remember their nostalgic times with close friends, Purani Jeans still holds the power to make anyone teary-eyed in reminiscence.

Sayonee – Junoon

The 90s were the time of fusion and experimentation and Junoon did that oh-so-perfectly by mixing Sufi and rock into one!

Ay Jawaan – Awaz

It was the golden times when Haroon and Faakhir were one under the Awaz band banner and we got to hear amazing music such as this!


What was your favourite 90s song? Tell us in the comment section below!




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