This guy’s thread on why desi kids have trust issues will make you LOL!

Desi parents are everything! From shaping our personalities with their super chhitars to actually giving us heart attacks with their exaggerated lies – utho 8 baj gaye hain when it’s actually 6:30 🙄

A guy on Twitter posted a thread to twitter explaining why desi kids have trust issues and we bet you’ll relate so hard to each and every point he made!

Oh, the amount of times we’ve been tricked into eating arvi gosht as aalu gosht 😒 and when you complain, you get told ‘arvi bhi toh aalu ki behen hai.’

The betrayal here is real and gets us everytime…

Huehuehue when you’ve been dreaming to steal the ice cream but find frozen daal instead, the heart break is real folks.

Seeing our eidi money disappear was a great sport!

Now this hits us really hard, khana thanda ho raha hai while the khana is still on the choolha and the rotis are in process of being made 🙄

Uh oh… From bhaijaan to jaan in no time 🙈

And fellow netizens added more:

This has probably happened with every single one of us:

Also the fact how our moms never missed the target:

Ooof, pie vs paye was the real dilemma:

Bus yeh last sum hai – every mathematics teacher ever!

Can relate a 100%, bus O levels clear kerlo life set ho jayegi, bus A levels clear kerlo achi university mei admission ho jayega, bus bachelors ache se kerlo career ka sawal hai, bus masters mei mehnat kerlo life ban jayegi… It’s a vicious cycle:

And it put us in the correct headspace…


It hit us too man:

I think we all did:

And what’s fascinating is that our mothers don’t seem to recall any of it 😏

How well can you relate to the betrayal? Let us know in the comments below!

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