CEO ARY Salman Iqbal compared MPTH with Games of Thrones and people think thora ziada ho gaya hai!

One of the most watched dramas in the history, Meray Paas Tum Ho, came to an unsettling end on Saturday.

With videos of people crying over Danish’s death and news channels reporting the death, Salman Iqbal compared the hype of the drama to the the very famous show Game of Thrones congratulating how far the industry had come:

And the netizens were just not having it with the comparison:

Some thought he was being over-confident:

People came at him with facts:

And of course, there were epic memes:

Some suggested that he starts preparing his Oscar acceptance speech:

Some still weren’t over Danish’s death:

People were tweeting out their hilarious reactions:

Some are actually planning to sue him, #YouHeardItHereFirst:


Some were disappointed how there wasn’t a Humayun Snow coming back to life:

It’s not that simple:

Some threw shade at him with the infamous 2 takay ki aurat dialogue:

Many were appalled at the audacity:

Thora yahan bhi yes karao, boy:

Some did however, agree, in a whole different sense though:

Most would agree:

Some still had their reservations against the content in the show:

Some whole heartedly agreed:

Jo baat hai:

What do you think about Salman Iqbal’s tweet? Let us know in the comments below!

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