Art for Fashion’s Sake – 10 surreal images by Ashna Khan that we can’t get over


Photography can truly capture the best of human imagination, and fashion photographer Ashna Khan is proving that with the brilliance in his recent projects.

Hailing from the rugged lands of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, this NCA grad has created wonders with his work which take you on a journey from classical Mughal backgrounds to an Antoinette-esque milieu replete with French Pompadours – all the while keeping the glamour quotient satiated.

Similarly, even in his more simpler of works, one gets see the spark this budding name has inside of him.

Check out his work to see what we mean…

Focusing on creating an image that literally turns his subjects into painted pieces of art, Ashna is creating visual imagery that is almost hypnotic in nature.


See, what we mean? It’s a dreamlike visual, which ought to make the mind wander.


In many ways, Ashna has created absolutely breathtaking visuals and they’re pieces of craft that can give any masterpiece a befitting competition.


Case in point: elevating the simplest of photography into stunning imagery.


We mean, who else can make a moving dance form look this beautiful?


Truly, his fashion editorials are the perfect material to make you appreciate his aesthetic sensibilities, whether it’s via classic imagery like this…


…or here, where he literally paints the canvas – or in his case, fills the viewfinder with a mix of contemporary scenes and a pop of vibrant colours that make the image so perfect.
or even here, where Ashna has so beautifully incorporated the ethos of romanticist paintings and interlaced them with an aesthetic that gives out a contemporary vibe.


Here’s another example where he’s created a beautiful semblance between the classic and the contemporary.
Case in point: Turning this Pakistani editorial into an elevated exploration of the 19h Century American Midwest. What can this man not do?

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Don’t you just love it?

Check out more of his work here.

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  1. Ashna always stuns the crowd with his tremendous artistic skills.All masterpieces are aesthetically pleasing and speak the passion of his sublime personality…keep it up boy!…stay blessed 😊

  2. One of a Very talented Photographer but there is always handwork behind every success …. I have world with him as an employer i have leader a lot from him and he is a good person a great boss and yes a very fine artist

  3. What to say? Asana never fails to amaze and challenge – and delight!! I have been following his work for years. I used to regularly think – ‘well, now here he is as a superb place and mega-high level of quality and artistry, where could he possibly go now?’ Then, in a flash, something new and quirkier and more challenging. I am not sure if he is totally crazy – psychotically creative???? I have no idea where he dreams ups such wonderful creations ….. colour, framing, use of items and scenery and surfaces, and the exciting sense of movement in many of his works, and still silences in others. Wonderful, wonderful. And, I understand he is a really nice person to be with, gentle, caring and fun. What a package? Thanks for being here Ashna – fashion, art and the world need you.

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