10 second video from LUMS triggers Pakistani awaam

In today’s segment of Pakistani-awaam-triggered, we bring to you a 10-second long video from LUMS which has been going viral on the internet and is garnering a ton of feedback.

The video went viral when columnist and commentator Irshad Bhatti shared a 10 second video from LUMS’ Pink Day celebrations titled ‘yeh hai LUMS university ka haal:’

Soon after the video went viral, #LUMS became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter.


The real story is that the Pink Day was being celebrated to raise awareness for breast cancer in Pakistan and it’s a normal practice in many institutions to celebrate these days to create awareness amongst the masses.

Another twitter user came forward to clarify that the video was from April, and his thread literally serves everyone right!

But the damage was already done, people were fuming over a couple of students enjoying a brief moment, there were countless judgments, shaming and opinions:



Tweeted via Twitter, a Western invention, but okay…

A lot of people came out in support and gave befitting replies:


People also pointed out how LUMS is so much more than the video

A lot of people didn’t see no issue in the video and shots were fired…

Some put out facts to prove their point and oof, the burn!

Many said that the video shouldn’t have been shared with public

Spot on! Where’s the law?

People were disappointed

Some reminded people how the students in the video were mature enough to make decisions:

Yes please, live and let live!

On point!

Yaaas, girl!

Oh boy, that must have burnt!

Some were genuinely worried about the invasion of privacy

About time people started talking about the real issues!

DEFINITELY! Infact, every institution should add this course to their curriculum

People have been speculating that the ones who are fueling hate towards the video are salty LUMS rejectees and the tweets are beyond hilarious!

Oh god, this tweet wins the internet!



We stan a good spongebob meme

You can always count on Twitter to bring out humour in every situation!

Haha, ours too!

The song was lit though!

To be very honest, the issue wasn’t that big. First of all, the video should not have been shared publicly to be made viral without the consent of the students.

Second, facts should have been checked before running a smear campaign against a bunch of students.

And third, everyone in the video is mature enough to decide what’s right and what’s wrong and are answerable for their own deeds because last I checked we have been promised a judgment day by Allah and not some woke Muslim brothers and sisters on the internet.

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